How to improve Big Data management in 4 simple steps

To improve Big Data management means you guarantee your company (or your job) tangible advantages on all fronts. By applying correct Big Data management – be it postal address files, user profiles, or other data – you can streamline the decisional procedures, precisely define your targets, access new business opportunities, all without errors, omissions or wasted time. The longer-term potential from this type of investment is enormous: it could be to reorganize your current customer database or send products purchased from the company website anywhere at home or abroad (therefore, know the exact dispatch address in near and distant countries), the effectiveness of the various activities mainly depends on the quality of the data you have availability of.

For these and other reasons, it is fundamental to know how to manage your Big Data with cutting edge IT tools, the only ones able to guarantee results that satisfy your expectations.

This article explains how you can improve your Big Data management in 4 simple steps.

Let’s start from the first step, collecting the data you need.

Company efficiency: what it is and how to achieve it

Many studies are conducted on company efficiency. Whether they are carried out in a university or Research & Development environment, the end results show that company efficiency is an extremely important objective, on which the well-being and success of a business, big or small, depends. Pursuable on several levels, both microscopic and macroscopic, company efficiency involves different spheres that include energy management, resource optimisation and data quality. In fact, data quality is one of the cornerstones of modern business management: in an era dominated by data analysis and storage software, having computer programs that can manage names, postal addresses, etc., means being able to take full advantage of the potential of the resources in your possession (time, energy, human capital and money).

Data cleaning: the solution for data quality control

Data cleaning the solution for data quality control Data quality control is one of the most difficult challenges for today’s large and medium-sized enterprises. Just managing the names of suppliers, or of customers in contact with customer care is overwhelming, not to mention the latest developments over recent years, newsletter subscribers and company blogs, for example. Different groups, yet united by the same characteristic: their importance to the company. The supply of spare parts, materials and products, in fact, depends on suppliers. Likewise, the brand’s reputation, and therefore the company’s image in the public eye, depends on customer service. The same goes for the many people who follow the company and are registered on the official website: these people represent a company’s most important customer base. This set of contacts must be organised with great care, so as to obtain top quality data.

How to use geomarketing to find new customers

How to use geomarketing to find new customers There are numerous ways to do geomarketing: some are very important because they help us find new customers, others help make work easier because our data is organized better. In all events, we can always gain effective advantages in several fields, from time saved to reduced costs. Just think of what it means for a company or professional to have to manage thousands of addresses linked to likewise customer names, and not have any idea where they are situated geographically. When we need to mail promotions, for example selling pellet stoves, we have to calculate where the customers are located to ensure perfect timing in relation to the climate.

5 Problems Avoided Thanks to Address Validation


Running a business efficiently means that, every day, you have to face numerous unexpected factors and problems and overcome them. A daily challenge that can be won with the help of colleagues, experts, partners and also cutting edge IT systems and software, like Address 4 – the multiplatform that has been developed to support all operations for Address Validation, Geocoding and Data Quality. For anyone running ecommerce, working on CMR, data entry and collection, operators in shipping and delivery sectors, address validation is a practical and secure solution to be ahead of the problems and therefore avoid a great deal. Here are 5 obstacles you can avoid with Address 4!

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The only way your products or advertising material can reach the customers the first time is to know their exact addresses. This goal can be achieved thanks to the online address validationwhich automatically checks the data entered by the user during the purchase or information request phases (Address Validation Autocomplete) or using the other methods provided for International Address Validation.

How to Improve Data Entry Accuracy


Whoever works in data entry knows: increase the precision and accuracy of the entered data during registration is fundamental to build reliable databases. However there are certain limits that it is difficult, or even impossible, to get round without crossed and repeated checks by several operators. A highly impractical path given the high costs and resources needed for dedicated staff used just for entering and then periodically checking the data. Luckily there are secure and practical alternatives available to increase your data entry accuracy. The best known is IT software that supports operators with cutting edge functions. So let’s see together how these data entry solutions can be exploited to reach higher quality standards.

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Address Validation For SAP CRM


There are more than 290,000 businesses around the world that use products supplied by the German company SAP. Of these products, many choose the SAP CRM solutions and need an external address validation tool. The need for address validation software that is compatible with SAP CRM is justified because the platform provides a validation tool that, however, does not always satisfy expectations or business goals. Sometimes 100% coverage is not guaranteed in the target country and this obviously affects the quality of the CRM service. Therefore it is important to carefully evaluate whether the integrated system in SAP CRM satisfies your standards or whether you should seek an alternative. In the latter case various scenarios are open to us, so let’s see them in detail.

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3 Advantages of Address Verification


The online postal address verification service is one of the most requested by those working in ecommerce and shipment. In these and other sectors, the main ingredient is the postal addresses which need controlling and validating online quickly and with minimum effort.

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The online verification service can be completed with one address at a time by filling in the form as explained in the page Method for online use.