Company efficiency: what it is and how to achieve it

Many studies are conducted on company efficiency. Whether they are carried out in a university or Research & Development environment, the end results show that company efficiency is an extremely important objective, on which the well-being and success of a business, big or small, depends. Pursuable on several levels, both microscopic and macroscopic, company efficiency involves different spheres that include energy management, resource optimisation and data quality. In fact, data quality is one of the cornerstones of modern business management: in an era dominated by data analysis and storage software, having computer programs that can manage names, postal addresses, etc., means being able to take full advantage of the potential of the resources in your possession (time, energy, human capital and money).

But how can you turn the desire to improve data quality into something concrete and, consequently, into business efficiency? To answer this, we must first understand the value of a database made up at times of hundreds of thousands of records. Suppose we use this database every year to send advertising material to the addresses of offices, web agencies and other small businesses located throughout the national territory. Not having any control tool, our knowledge of the addresses is limited: over the years, some companies will have moved, many will have closed and some may have kept the same address but changed their name … The result? Money and resources wasted in trying to reach customers who do not exist. This is a problem that a modern company can easily get around in a very simple way: by using address validation software to validate addresses and, more generally, for the management of digital archives. Let’s take a look at the advantages of this choice in more detail.


Using address and data validation software for your business gives you a powerful means to correct, update, enrich and cleanse addresses and data. By accomplishing this, new scenarios open up, both in terms of application scopes and of performance. Going back to the example above, our company efficiency will be far greater if we have a database that is as close to reality as possible, where each name corresponds to a specific address. Not only will the expenditure budget for sending advertising materials benefit from this, but also the level of customisation of the visual product. In other words, the more well-honed and complete the data that we have in hand is, the easier it will be to create customised promotion (or other forms of marketing or customer interaction).

This all correlates to the application scopes of data quality software and, in particular, Address4. The integrations are endless, ranging from CRM systems to data entry programs for call centres, customer care, etc., from ecommerce stores to postal delivery services, right through to integrations with web forms within the websites of hotels, restaurants, sports centres, garages and so on. Company efficiency can be increased and consolidated in many ways and one of these is by expanding and strengthening the channels through which you collect, process and transfer data. Diversifying these channels and making them safer, also in terms of privacy and computing standards, is synonymous with reliability, attention to detail, speed and global organisation.


To get a free, no obligation trial of the possibilities offered by Address4 data quality software, simply fill out the form on the Free Address Validation Services page. Registration is quick and easy and gives you access to advanced features such as real time online validation, batch address validation, geocoding, plus the daily automatic updating of addresses in databases, with no installation required. In short, all that you need to ensure full support for your business and to increase data management efficiency, directly from a PC, smartphone or tablet with a normal Internet connection. Try it out now: register online today and find out how you can invest in the future of your business!

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