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By using the standard Google Maps API service, you can get the geolocation of one address at a time. However, if your project requires the geocoding of hundreds or thousands of batch addresses, you will need a suitable instrument that is able to quickly provide you with a list of geographical coordinates (latitude and longitude) relevant to hundreds of thousands of national or international addresses. Would you like to understand how it works without any obligation or costs? Try the Address4 FREE TRIAL dedicated to geocoding Google Maps in bulk: you just have to subscribe and you can unlock the functionalities of the software and have clear evidence of Address4 advantages.

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The best way to obtain the geographic coordinates of a plurality of addresses starting from the data on Google Maps.

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Geocoding google maps in bulk

Getting the geographical coordinates of one or more addresses is a useful operation in lots of business sectors, including the home delivery of products, information material and profiling potential customers in order to plan marketing strategies. But how can you batch geolocate a whole address database without losing quality?

Address4 answers this question with the service of geocoding Google Maps in Batch: thanks to our platform, businesspeople, system integrators, web masters and professionals from any sector can take advantage of information managed by Google Maps without the constraints of geolocation performed via API for each address.

You only have to log in to Address4, upload your file, the list or the address database to geocode and then launch the process. A few steps and a few minutes are enough to get a geocoding Google batch of thousands of addresses, free of mistakes, in more than 250 countries without downloading any software. Address4 works online 24/7 from any device connected to the web, including tablets and smartphones. A cutting-edge system that always meet the expectations.

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Multiple geolocation

Address4 allows you geolocate up to hundreds of thousands of addresses with Google Maps, without limits and in a very short time.


Worldwide Coverage

More than 250 countries are covered by our service in every continent: a mine of information constantly updated.

Online functioning

Address4 works online without you needing to download any software. Use it from any device at work, at home or wherever you want.

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