Data Quality for CRM

CRM systems need correct, updated, formatted and verified data. Address4 guarantees advanced support for data quality that meets your expectations.

Data quality for CRM according to Address4

Like Microsoft Dynamics and other platforms, CRM platforms permit you to collect and manage hundreds of thousands of pieces of data associated with customers and users. Address4 ensures that these data are verified, complete, updated and deduplicated. The objective is to maintain constant data quality for CRM by eliminating any errors and waste of resources.

CRM Data Quality

Choose Address4 and improve data quality for CRM

Regardless of the CRM used, data quality for CRM is crucial for effectively using the software. The final result is a ready-to-use database for marketing, teleselling, profiling and the like. More specifically, Address4:

  • Reclaims personal data in real time;
  • Identifies duplicate items (data deduplication);
  • Updates addresses and territorial data;
  • Maintains data quality for CRM over time.

By integrating Address4 with your CRM system you are investing in data quality for the CRM itself and therefore in company productivity and customer satisfaction. Heads of marketing, analysts and CRM personnel will find a precious ally in Address4, one that can satisfy modern customer relationship management policies and strategies. Data quality for CRM can only mean greater efficiency and value for the company.

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