Phone number validation

Less cost and more efficiency with phone number validation

phone number validation

Validated numbers for always reaching your target

Knowing immediately whether or not the number left by a potential customer is correct is crucial to always being able to reach the right person, at the right time.
Address4’s phone validation function gives you immediate support for marketing projects, user profiling and much more.

The form is at your disposal for trying out first hand, without any obligation, the speed and accuracy of our software. Enter the data and request phone validation directly online.

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Phone validation: the benefits for your business

Every day billions of people use a telephone or mobile phone to communicate with other people, as well as with businesses and commercial activities. Knowing an exact telephone number, updated and formatted with the correct country or international code, means optimising marketing, telesales, data collection and profiling strategies and procedures.

Objectives that can be achieved with Address4 thanks to the online phone validation function. Once entered the data, the software processes the request and returns the correct and validated phone number.

The same operation can be performed on entire databases using incomplete data sets or lists of phone numbers that you need validating. The ongoing revision of our database guarantees up-to-date data and information in line with international records. Address4 and its functions can be accessed by end users, system integrators, web developers and business managers anywhere, 24 hours a day, with a simple registration process. Try the free demo version!

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Optimise Your Time

A phone call to a number that does not exist wastes time and resources. With Address 4 your phone numbers are always correct and validated.

Better Communication

Accurate phone numbers allow you to offer customers personalised SMS related to promotions, special discounts and initiatives, increasing customer loyalty.

Businesses & Consumers

An inadequate database will never reach 100% of the target audience. With our help, hitting the target becomes child’s play.

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