Prices and credit packages

Improve the data quality in your databases and only pay for what you use.

We keep the pricing simple: 1 credit = €0.02

5000 to 499.999

€ 0,02/credit


500.000 to 999.999

discount 36%

most used


discount 52%

most convenient

over 1.000.000

Custom %


*Minimum purchase 5000 credits. 1 credit = €0.02

Register with our service now and receive 100 credits free.

How many credits does my search cost?

Address validation* 1 Complete address validation
Geocoding Free Geocoding is included with address validation
Real-time autosuggest Free Free autosuggest as long as the final search ends in a validation**
Google Maps Batch (in bulk) 0.25 Geocode a group of addresses in bulk with Google Maps
Google Maps Batch (in bulk) with Quality Check 0.5 Geocode a group of addresses in bulk with Google Maps and verify them with Egon quality check

* Address validation using the online form or the Egon batch
** After 100 free instant suggestions without any validation you will be charged 1 credit for every 10 suggestions

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Do I need to sign up to try Address4?

You can find information in numerous pages in our website. Once you decide you want to try the service for free, please ask for for the complete trial and continue using our advanced platform with the free credits we give you.

Are there any setup costs?

No. You can open a free account and try our advanced service using the free credits we give you. No credit card needed.

If I want to use more than one service, do I have to make more than one purchase?

No. You can use the free credits and the credits you acquire with any of our services. Each service has a different credit cost: use all the services you need!

Other questions

We’re here to help. Contact our sales team.