Contact data validation for Business applications

Address4 can be integrated with any business application. Discover the advantages of our multiplatform software.

Integrating contact data validation with business applications

Address4 can be easily integrated with any type of business application directly via the web, without the need for any type of physical installation. Many types of software can run natively on the platform (from CRMs to ERPs, data entry software and web templates etc.), but it can also be installed, in the form of a plugin, in standard environments (IBM, SAP, Windows Google, Oracle infrastructures etc.).

The automatic support that Address4 offers to company databases

Thanks to its flexibility, the Address4 software is able to interact with all business applications, offering automatic support in real time through the instant validation of data entered by operators, or in batch, using management processes and data monitoring. The operations carried out by Address4 include:

  • Postal address validation (correction, enrichment, verification);
  • Contact data validation (validation of names and personal data);
  • Geocoding (provision of coordinates and geolocation);
  • Email validation (validation of customer email addresses);
  • Telephone validation (validation of land line or mobile telephone numbers).

All of the functions are available to the user ensuring maximum versatility. Address4 permits you to validate postal addresses, personal details, email addresses and phone numbers, with advanced options such as geo-referencing on a map (geographical coordinates of an address). All of the options can be selected easily whenever they are required.

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