Mailing & Shipping Services: postal address verification and formatting

With Address4 you can validate international addresses and format them according to local postal standards. Try out the free trial.

Why address validation is important for mailing and shipping service

Every nation in the world has its own postal system and each postal system has its own regulations and standards. The differences may seem minimal, but actually they play an essential role: learning and adopting correct postal address formats guarantees maximum precision and punctuality in the management of international mailing and shipping.

Postal Address Format

The validation of international postal addresses with Address4

Among its functions, the Address4 software includes global postal address validation. The purpose of the validation service is address verification and formatting in accordance with the exact standards of the country of destination. Specifically, Address4 permits you to:

  • Confirm the validity of individual postal addresses;
  • Correct or update the addresses where necessary;
  • Enrich records with missing elements (Postal Code, State etc.);
  • Format addresses according to postal standards;

Many different types of businesses will find a powerful ally in Address4, optimising the running of the company and improving productivity.

National postal services, courier companies, online store owners and anyone looking for an affordable and functional service that is able to return international postal addresses, validated and properly formatted, will find that Address4 is an intuitive, accurate and reliable software that is complete in every way.

It takes just a few seconds to start the postal validation

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