Batch processing and data cleansing

Validate your customer database, correct the errors and enter missing data

Data cleansing

Do you have a database of mailing addresses, customer/supplier personal data, etc., and you want to validate it and remove all the errors?

Address4 can analyse an entire database containing hundreds of thousands of records, cleanse it and return a validated database as output. The missing data are corrected and duplicate records are united. Mass validation of contact data can be directly integrated in any company software, using simple API or plugin.

Cleansing an entire database of up to millions of addresses or other personal data is automatic, and provides a fast, enormous jump in quality in company procedures, with guaranteed improvement to operations efficiency.

Check and validate data and addresses

Before validating your database you can conduct a free analysis to have a clear idea of the quality level of your archive. A complete test that allows you to see first-hand the type of results you can achieve.

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