Contact & Address Verification Service

Our address validation services help you verify, complete and maintain accurate contact data for all your business needs.

  • Correction, transliteration and postal formatting
  • Works in batch and real time
  • No coding necessary
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What type of usage do you need ?

Real Time

Validate the addresses during data entry


Validate a postal address database in bulk.


Integrate address validation in your company applications and websites.


Incorporate Address4 in an application with a click.

What type of service do you need ?

Address Validation

With postal address validation, your data is always correct and complies with international shipping standards.
In addition, the autocomplete feature corrects addresses in real time on your e-commerce site.


Geocoding and reverse geocoding help you transform specific postal addresses into geographical coordinates and vice versa. It’s ideal for any kind of geo-referencing project, logistics and transport, or geomarketing goals.

Name Validation

When you manually insert contact information or collect it from the web, there could be typos or duplicates.
An automatic address and name validation service ensures a clean and optimized archive.

Email Address Validation

Our service can validate databases containing huge numbers of email addresses, even millions. All you need to do is upload the file in any format: the system will process it quickly and in compliance with data privacy regulations.

Phone Number Validation

Databases containing a great quantity of phone numbers offer infinite potential business opportunities, but only if they’re real and correct.
Use our phone number validation service to fix any mistakes.

Other Services

Address4 offers a wide range of custom services. Our staff will help you find the best solution to fulfill your requirements. If you’re looking for something specific, please drop us a message and we’ll take great care of you.

Incorrect data make you waste time and money

It’s hard to estimate how much you might be loosing because of incorrect data, but one thing is for sure: corrupt databases really make you waste time and money. By using the wrong addresses, you’re giving the upper hand to your competitors.


Address validation is important because:

  • it optimises marketing and delivery;
  • it maximises the potential of company resources;
  • it increases customer satisfaction;
  • business goals are achieved more easily;
  • managing large quantities of data gets simpler;
  • brand image damage is prevented.

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Efficiency is a priority of every growing business: to be efficient you need state-of-the-art software. A software like Address 4.

With Address 4, you don’t have to spend time verifying data.

  • online address verification service 24 hours a day;
  • easy to integrate on websites, portals and e-commerce sites;
  • online access from anywhere in the world;
  • advanced functions such as reverse geocoding;
  • no need to download or install programs.

You were looking for an automatic address validation software and you’ve found it. It’s now time to act.

Have a look at our comprehensive offer. Discover all the functionalities. Try the free online demo.

What Our Customers say


Address 4 isn’t just a software program; it’s a complete suite.
It’s a godsend for our e-commerce”.

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