About us

About Us

Experience and technology for postal address validation

Blue Shape, to serve data quality

Address4 is the online service developed by Blue Shape to respond to needs for postal address validation online and contact data verification. Our company was founded to provide cutting edge tools to perform numerous operations, ranging from geocoding to data enhancement.

We stand out for the experience and technology that we have developed over the years, through the ongoing evolution of Address4 software. To contact us means having a serious, skilled and highly specialized partner.

Our Mission

Enable business to grow and increase their profits, by offering them a complete, flexible and modern tool, equipped with a range of advanced functions for batch/online address validationaddress geocodingname validationemailsphone numbers, with online operations and the possibility to integrate it into CRM software, data entry programs, ecommerce, web forms and much more besides.

Our Staff

The Blue Shape staff comprises a team of developers, IT engineers, web designers, logics and math experts. A close-knit team that works day after day on the Address4 software in order to improve it and increase its potential, listening to and using the feedback we receive from the businesses and professionals who have already chosen, and continue to choose our company.

Our Promise

Offer users a tailored address validation experience, which is totally independent and autonomous with enormous benefits in terms of results and savings.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee our customers have a multifunction platform available online 24/7 through a simple internet link, from any device in more than 250 countries worldwide.