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In just a few simple steps you can convert an address or place into precise geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude). You’ll be able to see the precise location on a map.
The online demo is available 24 hours a day.  You don’t need to register! For reliable and tailor-made address geocoding, just fill out all the requested fields and view your address on a map online.

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Geocoding is quick and easy, thanks to Address 4

Address 4’s address geocoding service is ideal for performing multiple operations online, anywhere and at any time, through a simple user interface.It verifies or corrects addresses and transforms the data into precise geographical coordinates displayed on a map within moments.

And not just latitude and longitude; it also provides a census of the area to define an interactive map to integrate into websites or applications. Address geocoding is fundamental for achieving numerous business objectives. From optimizing routes to georeferencing maps; from calculating the accurate mileage for a company fleet to census data for a given area for geomarketing purposes. A wide range of possibilities for both large and small businesses is now just a click away.

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Multiple address input

With Address 4 you can manage and geocode multiple locations included in the same database, with absolute precision.

Icona_mondo.jpgInternational coverage

Census mapping all over the world & security for those who operate in the international arena.

Icona_tour.jpgAdvanced technology

Address 4 supports GIS applications, geomarketing software, IT systems and state-of-the-art technology.


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