How can address validator software help your company?

How Does Address Verification Work How can an address validator improve the performance of a company? How important are addresses for your business? How could an inaccurate postal address negatively affect your business? These questions are answered with the help of advanced software for the validation of postal addresses. By using this type of software, your company can save both time and precious resources while avoiding any damage to their image or loss in reputation before final customers. Indeed, any business, from the smallest ecommerce retailer to the largest franchising business, has to make sure that the addresses of their customers (real and potential ones) are updated and correct. Otherwise, disastrous situations can occur such as missing the delivery of a product or dispatching advertising materials to obsolete addresses that are assigned to other people.

That can be disturbing for people who trusted you: your customer should be respected and that means you should know their habits and their addresses. So, how can validation software help your company? Here is the answer. We will tell you the most significant advantages and we will explain to you in detail why and how it could be of interested to your company. It does not matter what type of business you have because for logistics, for example, a validated address database is essential but it is also very important for gyms or hotels. Sooner or later, someone may need to ship an object, for example a membership card, a product catalogue or a key forgotten somewhere. So, let’s see the advantages can be obtained from a fast, safe and complete validation of the addresses.


Improving relationship with customer The management of the customer care department requires a modern and professional approach for being effective. Nobody wants to waste time over the phone for spelling their home or office address. If you want to be competitive in the market, you should set your customers free from any useless tasks: all requests should be managed as fast as possible without uncertainties and waits. Moreover, burdening a person with the heavy task of transcribing and entering data is not a good idea because the human mistake is always possible! Remember: about 60% of your turnover comes from your loyal customers; take care of them and you will be able to cultivate fruitful and long term relationships with high economic returns.


Cost saving e time saving Will the use of software for the validation of postal addresses save you time and money? Sure: think how much it costs, year after year, to send a parcel that returned to your office or to send advertising materials to addresses that don’t exist, to reschedule a delivery because the receiver moved away … this applies to postal addresses as well as email addresses, which are essential for those who work mainly with IT instruments. Accurately knowing a postal address or an email address will prevent you and your employees from wasting energy in unnecessary searches or making calls to retrieve the correct email or postal address information.



Brand reputation Every company has its own level of effectiveness. There are impeccable companies and companies with great weaknesses which usually concern the management of the customer care and customer relations above all in the after-sales phase. Your reputation also depends on the ability to face situations that involve warranties, reimbursements, dispatch of components and spare parts, ons-ite technical support and so on. In 2020, it is impossible to accept that a technician, for example, wast

es hours looking for an address because the number does not match the name. An irritated customer is someone who, as soon as possible, will leave a very bad comment on Facebook or Google and who will damage the reputation of your company and brand.


Valorization of the capital When you decided to install the solar panels on the roof of your premises or when you decided to upgrade the lighting installation, surely you considered these expenses as an investment for the future. Indeed, it is exactly that: there are investments that increase the value of your company in the market because they make it stronger and more competitive; they increase your potential and appeal to investors. If you want to valorise your capital, it is a good idea to purchase validation software able to reclaim your database and optimize the performances in many ways.



Once our customers understand the need to implement the validation software of postal addresses in their company, some of them wonder how much the software can affect their business. It is not easy to quantify the economic return deriving from the management of the addresses achieved in accordance with high standards because the benefits are transversal, and they involve several aspects of work. Therefore, honestly, we recommend that you start with a free trail of our demo. Thanks to the Address 4 demo, entrepreneurs, web developers, ecommerce managers and customer care managers will have the opportunity to test the advanced functions of our user-friendly and innovative instrument on their own.

You can launch a single or massive validation of addresses from your PC, tablet or smartphone by consuming the free credits that you are provided with when you log in. There are no obligations and you don’t need to download any software. After you activate your profile, you will be able to download the ebook relevant to Data Quality into your mailbox; the ebook is very useful to learn the fundamental concepts and principles of postal address validation and more. We will send you the ebook at once as a gift for your trust. So, take action and complete the login form. It takes few seconds from any country in the world: test us and start your free trail!