Geocoding Online

For logistics, transport, geomarketing and many other purposes, geocoding online by Address4 is the fastest, most practical and most secure solution. Find out why.

address geocoding online 

Manage your geocoding online.

With Address4 geocoding online an address is accessible from any device with a simple internet link. The output is an address that is correct, validated, enhanced and georeferenced on a map according to the exact corresponding geographic coordinates.

Fill in the mask to test the geocoding online service free of charge with no need for registration. The demo is operative in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Oceana and Africa.

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Geocoding online: create an interactive map from your data

Geocoding online

Anyone working in logistics, transport and geomarketing needs to know the correct address and locate it on a map in order to use a GPS navigator, delivery management programs or geomarketing software. The functions of Address 4 geocoding online enable operations for postal address validation to then provide the latitude, longitude and territorial codes for the entered address. The geocoding online needs that can be satisfied with Address4 include assigning census zones, proximity and immediate calculation of the distances as the crow flies or on foot, inverse geocoding, reporting points of interest, localization using street names, identifying crossroads (corners) and much more besides. 

Map positioning using the Address 4 validation tool guarantees the exact geographic position on a map. The geocoding online software is available at any time with no need for plug-ins or downloading programs onto your computer.

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Online Management

With Address4 geocoding is done online autonomously according to the user’s needs.

Icona_mondo.jpgGeographic Coordinates

The software returns the geographic coordinates for the entered address after validating and updating it.

Icona_lente.jpgView on a Map

The address is shown on a map with a minimum or zero error with respect to the real position.


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