Area conversion languages

Address validation with choice of language and format


Addresses validated and translated in just 1 click.

Thanks to the area conversion language feature, you can select the target language of the reference country from the available options. The final address is translated in real time into English, French, German, Russian and dozens of other languages depending on your needs, after having being been verified, corrected, enriched and validated.

By entering the address that you want to validate and selecting the fields, you can try out the area conversion language feature for yourself directly online; without obligation and without having to register.

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Language, format and features of validated addresses

Area Conversion Language

Using the area conversion language service developed by Address4 permits you to validate postal addresses and at the same time convert them into the language and format you want.

The user can choose the language in which they intend to translate the validated addresses, thereby obtaining an output file with data that is not only verified, corrected and enriched, but already translated into the target language. You can also choose the format as well as the language. 

As well as the postal address format of the target country, the format also includes the adoption of the preferred writing model between native script (written in the native form of the target country), Latin script (Latin characters), and transliterated script (transposition of the graphemes of one writing system into the graphemes of another system). Address4’s area conversion language service can also display the various forms (native, Latin or transliterated) in lowercase, uppercase or capitalized (first letter of the word in uppercase), all online or in batch mode for files containing up to thousands of postal addresses.

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Language Conversion

Address 4 validates the postal addresses in the input file and translates them into the language of the target country.

Icona_cartelli.jpgChoice of format

The area conversion language allows you to choose between native, Latin or transliterated script.

Icona_informazioni.jpgType of letters

The validated postal addresses are displayed in the output file with lowercase, uppercase or capitalised letters.


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