Address Validation


With postal address validation, your data is always correct and complies with international shipping standards.
In addition, the autocomplete feature corrects addresses in real time on your e-commerce site.

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Geocoding and reverse geocoding help you transform specific postal addresses into geographical coordinates and vice versa. It’s ideal for any kind of geo-referencing project, logistics and transport, or geomarketing goals.

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Name Validation


When you manually insert contact information or collect it from the web, there could be typos or duplicates.
An automatic address and name validation service ensures a clean and optimized archive. 

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Email Address Validation


Our service validates email addresses in databases containing millions of records. All you need to do is to send the file in any format. We complete the work quickly and in compliance with data privacy laws.

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Phone Number Validation


Databases containing thousands of phone numbers offer infinite business opportunities, provided they’re correct.
Use a phone number validation service to fix any mistakes.

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Other Services


Address 4 offers a wide range of custom solutions for any type of requirement. Our staff will find the best possible solution based on your industry, meeting any specific time frames or needs.

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Incorrect data wastes time and money

While you might have trouble putting an exact dollar value on incorrect data, one thing is certain: database errors waste time and money. By using the wrong address, you’re giving the upper hand to your competitors.
Address validation is important because it: 


  • optimizes marketing and delivery;
  • maximizes the potential of company resources;
  • facilitates achievement of business objectives;
  • simplifies the management of large quantities of data;
  • prevents brand image damage;
  • increases customer satisfaction.

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With Address 4, the solution is just a click away

To grow you need to be efficient; and to be efficient you need state-of-the-art software... software like Address 4.


With Address 4, you don’t have to spend time or effort verifying data.

  • online address verification service 24 hours a day;
  • easy to integrate with websites, portals and ecommerce sites;
  • Internet access from anywhere in the world;
  • advanced functions like reverse geocoding;
  • no need to download or install programs.


You were looking for an automatic address validation software and you’ve found it. It’s now time to act.  

Take all the time you need to explore our offer, check out the functions and try the free online demo.

What Our Customers say



“Address 4 isn’t just a software program; it’s a complete suite.
It’s a godsend for our e-commerce”. 

Alberto Arrigoni – System Integrator

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